Kernels of Dish (Wednesday)

Apr 6, 2010Breaking Newzzz

You must watch this Taiwanese boy sing I Will Always Love You. Move over Susan Boyle and Whitney Houston for that matter. -DLISTED

In more vomitous news, Jon Gosselin is seeking full child custody from bad dancer, Kate Gosselin. Yes, she’s annoying, but okideer. -NY DAILY NEWS

Brech. This is that Robert Joe Halderman who blackmailed David Letterman. He now has a new girlfriend. (A) Who cares and (B) Truth to my mother’s saying, “There is a cover for every pot…belly. -PAGE 6

Jessica Simpson (luv hu), whose brilliant media comeback by doing The Price of Beauty, is already paying off. She will appear on the cover of Marie Claire…sans make-up or retouching. Chew on that W. -PAGE 6

The tragedy that is World Fashion Week, (anywhere but NY, Paris, London, Milan), so here we have China’s practical coat that becomes a house. -HUFFINGTON POST

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