What Is A Fotzy Balloon?

Sep 4, 2016Breaking Newzzz

Come and get your Fotzy Balloon in the Meatpacking District on Fashion’s Night Out.

For those of you who do not quite know what a Fotzy Balloon is, I figured this is a critical moment to explain it since the fotzy balloons are coming. So…What is FOTZY or FOTZ ?

Etymology: What started out as a sarcastic reference to something, someone, well, anything, that “thinks” or acts like they are way too fascinating. It’s started as a sarcastic dishy slam:

“Oh, they’re fascinating”. And evolved to…
“Well, aren’t they fotzinating”. Which shrunk down to…
“They are fotzy”. Which became…
“Fotzy Balloons.” And finally…
Here are a few examples:

  • Bing is fotz.
  • What Madonna wore to the Costume Institute Gala was fotzy balloons.
  • George Bush was a fotz…still probably is.
  • Most Repubicans are fotzy.
  • Susan Boyle’s first set of makeovers were fotzy balloons.
  • People who believe their own press are really fotzy.
  • Kate Gosselin is uber-fotz.

    See what I mean?

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  1. ericka says:

    so awesome. I'll be there carrying one in spirit!

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