People Who Read People…

Feb 17, 2011Breaking Newzzz

People, people who read people. Are the funniest people in the world.

What is comedy? There are so many ways to makes people laugh. It is never one thing, or one style of humor that fills a room with laughter. There is slapstick, dry, drawing room, sarcasm, bitchy, sardonic, dick, nasty, at the expense of others, the list goes on. Sometimes we laugh at other people’s foibles or mistakes in judgment. Other times we guiltily laugh at when they slip and fall on the snow, which is the premise behind Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass phenomenon. Come on, you know you’ve laughed at those idiots. We all need to laugh. We also need to allow others to find whatever they want funny, funny. After all, that is the American way and the whole freedom of speech thing that we fought for.

The Clockwork Orange method of torturing people into laughing.

When Serene Branson experienced whatever that was she experienced on camera, everyone I know who watched the footage cracked up. Does that mean they wish her harm? No. Does that mean they care any less about her well being? No. Does it astound me that certain people have no sense of humor, hence, can’t find the funny and wish others harm for finding theirs? Yes. If I read you some of the comments that I continue to receive because I had a theory about what went wrong with Serene Branson’s brain on Sunday night, you would not believe it. Life is a series of teaching moments. This week taught me that people with no sense of humor need to get the Clockwork Orange treatment to cure their disease. The need to be tortured into laughing at the Serene Branson video, watching it over and over and over until they laugh, without any other judgment.

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  1. Someone says:

    Life can make you laugh and cry – why not choose to laugh at the cry stuff too?

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