CBS-LA Reporter Serene Branson–Wishing You Good Health

Feb 14, 2011Breaking Newzzz

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To all of the people who were seriously angry with me, even wishing me death, for having an opinion about what happened to Serene Branson the other night, please note that I wish her nothing but the best of health and well being. Your anger, however, is severely misplaced. To wish harm to others for finding humor is a world chock full of endless serious issues proves nothing besides how small minded and evil you evil-wishers are. Last year, I featured Lindsay Lohan‘s salacious video for Muse Magazine, something that I was hired to do, and you would have thunk that I had killed someone. This recent slew of scary comments that wish me harm reminds me of those same lunatics who wanted me dead for showing the Lindsay video. To all of you who find the time..rather having nothing but time…to wish me harm: Please…leave this site now. I Mean…What?!? is not for you.

Please watch this reporter Serene Branson after the Grammy Awards. I, too, was speechless when Arcade Fire won Album of the Year. However, all the reports today are that she was rushed to the hospital, and rumors of an on-air stroke-like occurence abound. Keep looking at the footage. You won’t see a clear moment of brain malfunction. Rather, her tongue seems kind of stuck like when you do too much blow and can’t speak. We watched her Grammy Red Carpet coverage earlier in the evening and she was partying with all the stars. Surely we can’t rule out a quick trip to the loo with Bruno Mars and the result is…well…watch it again…only this time with my theory in mind. Click the image or the link below to watch the clip from my Flip Camera since CBS has taken down all the YouTube versions.

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32 Responses to “CBS-LA Reporter Serene Branson–Wishing You Good Health”

  1. Babs Wagner says:

    That poor beautiful woman. Something must be terribly wrong for her to speak all mumbled up like that. She looked so pretty, and I'm sure watching that she is as surprised as the rest of the world over what she said.

    I hope she's ok.

    I will pray for her.


  2. jeremy says:

    you're a retard

  3. mark evans says:

    Everyone seems to thrust the diagnosis of their own condition on everyone else. You do that on "blow" so that's the scoop with her too right? No. She is a successful Emmy nominated (twice) journalist, and you are- what you are. The readers know from your comments so I wonn't elaborate.


  4. mark evans says:

    Now tear me to shreds over the extra "n" in my pevious comment.

  5. mark evans says:

    Jesus Christ. A one man operation and no one home to moderate comments. Pathetic.

  6. Nick Tann says:

    What does it matter that she is "beautiful" & "Pretty"?

    • DAFMLF says:

      So sad…Nothing funny about it and looks have nothing to do what's going on inside….seems like a stroke of some sort. Scarey stuff. Why are people such haters????? Life is tough enough as it is. I'm going to follow-up on this story. You can never have enough warnings – it may be me or a family member next.

  7. bmac8 says:

    This just happened to me and I am in good health with low BP and have never done any drugs. Scariest thing in the world. This is clearly a TIA–a transient ischemic attack–a blood clot traveled into the brain and stopped oxygen from the speech center (and usually some right-side functions go numb too…same area.) Because the clot moved or dissolved, her functions returned (probably within the hour) and so there is no brain damage…BUT had the clot stayed in place, those affected brain tissues die, and those functions are gone, permanently. Not that funny now. I don't know why she was not admitted to the hospital. This is a 911 emergency if you ever see or experience this. ER doctors can give a drug to break up the clot in time and save those brain parts. A TIA is often an indicator of an oncoming full stroke and I will bet she is scared to death right now. Wait a few weeks before you start with the coke and blond jokes. Happened to me (twice, actually.) The point of this post is just–if it happens to someone you know, remember: 9-1-1, and FAST.

  8. bmac8 says:

    Call 9-1-1 if you ever see or feel anything like this…a blood clot is stopping parts of the brain from receiving oxygen and those parts of the brain will die forever in a very short time if the clot stays in place. The ER docs can give a "clot-buster" blood-thinner injection if you get there in time. This JUST happened to me. Please, if you see this, CALL 9-1-1 and FAST.

  9. Tuchas Shtooper says:

    Thanks for sharing Abe, I dont know why all the bozos are getting all excited.

  10. cupcake says:

    I couldn't agree more. The first thing I thought of when I saw the vid was..yep, cocaine strikes again. It's not a popular opinion, but I've had enough experience with such things that when the powers that be say "medical condition" and deny any kind of aphasia, stroke or anything else, you can bet your sweet ass it has to do with substances. I don't care if this opinion is unpopular, we'll find out eventually what the truth is.
    I do hope she gets the help she needs.

  11. Eric Nelson says:

    She was checked by paramedics and said she was fine! According to the pros, she's healthy. So the "blow" theory is absolutely possible, I mean why not, it's hollywood, freaking grammy, the super stars, cocaine must have been raining like hell fire.

    The retards are rather the guys from who claims Serena "Williams" had a stroke on air. This is american journalism for you ha! Check it out before they correct is. Classic!

  12. Mark Schuster says:

    This happened once after smoking too much pot.
    Brain works but tongue does not cooperate.

  13. hemocy says:

    It's apparent to me, having gone through Gurko's blog here, that he can be quite rational most of the time.
    So this incredibly stupid and offensive posting, like the one he did on "Homelessness is in Fashion" (har-har-har, so funny!) is obviously a result of him either forgetting or believing he can safely be off of his meds.

  14. bmac8 says:

    Terrible website. Hope you are proud of yourself.

  15. ex-coke head says:

    Just wanted to say that I used to be a major coke head, and nothing like this ever happened to me. I mixed X, GHB, and coke, and nothing even close to this happened to me. I think she had a ISA and on live TV at that. What if you're wrong? What if she was your mom, sister, or daughter? Would it still be funny?

    • Abe Gurko says:

      YES….It was funny. Is the seriousness of a possible illness funny? No. When people fall in the snow, is it funny? yes, Does it hurt? yes. If it happen s to me…do I laugh? Yes. Sometimes these things are funny. Now stop trying to make me think otherwise. It was funny. PERIOD. I wish her the best…and you a chill pill.

  16. Calla says:

    It can also happen from overuse of stimulant meds….e.g. Adderall. It's happened to me and public speaking can definitely make it worse.

  17. Larrybud says:

    Oh well, one more loser like Abe gets a few more hits.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      The loser is you for taking the time…which you clearly have too much of on your hands…to make a comment that suggests that I am a loser. exactly what do you do on a daily basis that makes you think that you are not a loser.

  18. Ekil says:

    There is good reason, and research, to believe that cocaine use is a risk factor in TIA and stroke.

  19. Roy Sivens says:

    I thought the same thing, abe. I dont know anything about you, but i read your comments and you were the first person to say what I was thinking all along.

    I had that happen to me once when I drank a bottle of vodka and did a ton of blow all night, and went to call my bud on the phone for more blow and I realized that i couldnt talk. I barely got a few words out, like yes and no.
    I think my bud realized what was going on a worked with me, coaxing my thoughts out of me. He asked if thats what i wanted so i could just say yes, and stated a time and place to meet so i could just say "okay".
    He kind of laughed and it seemed that he was aware of my dilemma. So I know I aint the only one to have that happen.

    People who are so angry at your comments are real idiots.
    We'll never hear anything more about this because it damn well wasnt any stroke and cbs and the people close to her all know it. And she knows it.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      After days of criticism and threats, I really appreciate your comments. Have a great night.

    • Anarchy says:

      I'm not uptight, so I can laugh at that. Yeah, it sucks to be her, but it looked damn funny. Thing is, there is a MASSIVE difference between being so toked up that your tongue doesn't work, and thinking you're speaking normally but spitting out words that aren't even words. She wasn't slurring her words, or stalling in the middle of them, she simply sounded like she was speaking another language. There are certain medical conditions that cause this, such as a strokes and ocular migraines. Of course, if it was an ocular migraine, the paramedics would have said she was fine, because it's not life-threatening.

  20. Max says:

    Yo! Thanks for reblogging that Seren Branson image I made the other day. You should give credit, though. It's manners!

  21. Bette says:

    I never comment on blogs but I believe in Abe and his comic relief in a world that is so wrong in so many ways.

    As someone who once did her fair share of adderall and blow (and often at the same time) I CAN be the pot calling the kettle……black!

    I got help. I hope she does too. And as far as CBS, blow is bad branding.

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