The New York Times Style…Still An Oxymoron

I kinda ike the Kardahsians, but not for A Night Out With in The Times Style?

I kinda like the Kardashians, but not for A Night Out With in The Times Style section. Sorry goils.

There’s nothing better than starting the day with a fresh pot of coffee, my 24-inch MAC (daddy) and all the news of the world. By the end of the first cup, I have read through the top stories of The New York Times, Huffington Post, and the New York Post (loves me my Page Six). Then I segue with my second cup through the Daily Beast, The Guardian, and a slew of blogs to get me ready for cup three, ’cause by then I have determined what item(s) annoyed me most and then start writing. Today, like every other day since I started this quest, I find plenty annoyances that I must share. As always, or rather, as lately, The New York Times Style section has something unworthy of its title. Today it is the column A Night Out With. The Kardashians are OK, not horrendous like the Gosselins and that ilk. But do I need to read about Kim at Delicatessen, busy Blackberrying, while Khloé is on the phone, both of which are here promoting “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”? The answer to that is no. Like The Times Style (oxymoron, no?) needs to promote that show? Really kids. This is proof that there’s something strange in Glocca Morra?

The show is a must-see.

Wishful Drinking is a must-see, opens October 4 at Studio 54

A while back I was featured in A Night Out With Carrie Fisher when she was in town promoting the release of her book, Wishful Drinking. To me, that is more appropriate for The Times, not because I was in it (really?) but because it just is. If you disagree, well, feel free to vent. Meanwhile, Carrie is bringing the hilarious one-woman show with the same moniker to Broadway at Studio 54 Roundabout Theater, opening October 4. Put it in your calendar kids…it is hilarious.

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  1. Ericka says:

    I'll be in NYC in December, and hope to catch Carrie. I have seen Wishful twice, but as I am sure you know, its totally worth going more than once! Maybe I'll take my mom. :)

    and i agree about the column. I have worked with Kim, and she is a doll, but the article is completely off.

  2. Parker Wee says:

    Hi just believed i would tell you something.. This is twice now i've landed on your weblog within the last 3 weeks searching for completely unrelated points. Spooky or what?

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