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Jul 24, 2009Fashion

Nothing brings me more joy that the lovely notes and requests for answers that I receive directly into my mailbox. I’ve been the go-to person for “matters of the heart” and “what to” or “what not to wear” my whole life and fielding your requests is in line with what I do best. Please keep those cards and letters coming.

Hi Abe,
How come you didn’t do an I Mean…What?!? on Barack Obama’s “mom jeans”? Surely I though you would have jumped all over that.

Dear Maureen,
I thought about that plenty. But the reason I passed on it was because Barack Obama does not need any more media attention than he is already getting. An article in today’s New York Times talks about how no president has ever manipulated the media cycle like the Obama Administration…which has people a bit concerned. Frankly, including me, but then again, if you go into the history of this newsletter, you will see I brought up this concern months ago. And since Barack talked about this “mom jean” scandal on the Today Show, what is my humble, little (however critically acclaimed) website going to matter, one way or the other. But, now that I have been put to task, Obama wears mom jeans so he doesn’t look too hot. That was very intentional like everything else he does. Sure he says it was all about comfort, but if wore a sexy pair of jeans…the press would have been much too negative. And since he needs to get a few bills passed, “mom jeans” was the way to go. Hope that answers your question.
xoxo ABE

Obama has to refect the AMerican peple and not dress well. Him a pair of cool G-STAR jeans would make way too much hay.

Obama has to reflect the American people and not dress well. Him in a pair of cool G-STAR jeans would make way too much hay.

Dear Abe-y,
Is it appropriate to wear swimsuit shorts on the streets of New York City? (See attached.)
Sincerely, Concerned Citizen

Dear CC,
Surely that guy looks like a hag. But we must remember, that very few in this world have a true sense of style and know what is appropriate. Lord knows we all have left the house looking like a shrek (monster in Yiddish, and yes, that is where Dreamworks got the name for that character) but in this particular case, no, it is not appropriate. Look at him…Brech central. It’s all wrong. So CC, your concerns are well founded and until we have fashion police on every corner, sadly, we will be accosted by these kinds of unappealing visuals from here till kingdom come. Sorry I could not be more helpful than just helping you be more accepting of others’ shortcomings.
xoxo ABE

Can we all agree here?

Can we all agree here?

Hey Abe,
In response to your coverage which points out how lame The New York Times Style section has become, I think it has now sunk to a new low. (Referencing the article about T-shirts in the Hamptons.)

Yes Dan,
Things are NOT two snaps up over there. This is why I say, “The Times Style is an oxymoron”. I happen to think Guy Trebay and Cathy Horyn are the best over there. But that T-shirt article was a major fotz. But then again, the discussion of T-shirts in a broader context, is surely a great item to discuss. For instance, I’d be curious to know how much the sales of T-shirts have risen or fallen in this lackluster economy. Rather than limit it to the few noodniks out east, make it a bigger story. That said, I now am making I MEAN…WHAT?!? T-shirts and baseball hats, so who knows, maybe I will be totally out of touch with what’s happening in fashion and be featured in the Times Style section soon.
xoxo ABE

You know you want one.

You know you want one.

Please send me your questions and

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4 Responses to “More Letters To The Editor of I Mean…What?!?”

  1. la couturier says:

    Ah, dearest Obama.

    I am and will always be a fan of him for everything he does! Yes, those jeans are a bit tacky, but we've all seen wayyyyy worse. He's only human? And I hardly think the Obama admin is manipulating the media – rather, the media is much to obsessed with him and his family!

    And men should not wear short shorts, period! Haha!

    La C.

  2. HD says:

    Trucker Hats…I Mean What?!?

  3. Abe says:

    The minute something is “out of fashion” is when it becomes real fashion. That’s the whole emperors new clothes on which I comment. The reason we are in the shits in the fashion industry is because we have been following trends for too long and it gets everyone in trouble.
    Thanks for the comments…keep 'em coming. xo

  4. Kevin says:

    me WANTS one!!!

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