What Exactly Is A Brad Brad World?

Jan 6, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Brad and Rachel before the war of the roses.

The newest Bravo reality show proves that some people whose job is behind-the-scenes should remain just that. Case in point: It’s A Brad Brad World, the new reality show starring (and I use the term loosely) Brad Goreski of The Rachel Zoe Project fame (again, loosely used term here). Somehow Brad was far more compelling as Rachel’s sidekick as opposed to being the focus of an hour-long infomercial for the fact that he needs more styling work. Bravo has started the fashionista war of the roses between Brad and Rachel and with that we get:

  • Who has the larger personality on set?
  • Who is more annoying?
  • Who can kvetch the most?
  • Who can say “I’m so tired” more times in one hour?

Brad’s world includes his boyfriend, a stream of part-time assistants, the occasional celebrity, the dog, the personal wardrobe, the coffee, are you sleeping yet? It is a perfect example of not everyone needs to venture into reality televisionland, and certainly in the case of Brad Goreski. It is reminiscent of that other horrible Bravo show Double Exposure featuring those two bickering photographers and the endless on set drama. “We’re losing the light, we’re losing the light.” What can I say besides some people should not be seen or heard. The should remain, in tact, behind-the-scenes.


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