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Feb 29, 2012Breaking Newzzz

This is pregnant. Poor baby.

With the big news that Rick Santorum does not stand a chance of becoming the Republican nominee in the Race for the White House, much of the other news in the morning papers is more nonsensical than Rick Santorum himself. Sometimes one has to take these bits and pieces of rubbish and share them with his friends. Starting with Miss Piggy, I mean Snooki, pictured above. Word is she is pregnant but in a bind because they just started filming the new reality series Snooki & JWoww, a modern day version of Laverne & Shirley.

Thee two hookers will make a compelling Laverne & Shirley.

What could be less interesting then these two manufactured toogies romping around Jersey City, the New Jersey Riviera adjacent to Hoboken, yet another Nob Hill-like spot where teased hair rules. Can’t wait to see them rushing through the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel to get some poontang in Manhattan.

What Kim won't do to get into the papers. Awww. Sad.

Speaking of poontang, Kim Kardashian will do anything to be considered for the next Victoria’s Secret campaign, or get arrested… anything to keep her puss in the spotlight. Only problem is, most of her attempts are not working. I saw a picture of her at the Elton John Oscar Party which got me thinking that Elton should retire that event. Even he was at the Vanity Fair Party.

Karlie Kloss walks.

The big fashion news was that Karlie Kloss (I know, only few know who she is, present company excluded) was no where to be found on any runways this season. Finally finally (!) she appeared in Paris on Anthony Vaccarello’s runway.Would somebody please the media who covered this on several occasions that this is not only not news, but it is embarrassing. I would fire the publicist.

No make-up for you.

And have you noticed the big push on getting celebrities photographed without make-up? Like that’s something to be proud of getting? When I call magazines and websites rags, it is because they think that the get of no make-up is interesting. Like in the image above, Taylor Swift could not be cuter or prettier without make-up. This is news? Give me a Santorum moment any day of the week. Watching a man put his conservative foot in his mouth is far more riveting.


So far...away.

And in closing, Brad Goreski has a new book coming out that charts his life before Rachel Zoe when he was just the plus one and before Rachel Zoe, when his plus one status is catapulted to the nth power. Zoe Report on that.





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