Binders Full Of Women: Candy Crowley & Martha Raddatz

Martha Raddatz kicked ass.

UPDATE: Binders Full Of Women, you heard that right. Candy Crowley did CNN proud and kept the boys in line at the second Presidential Debate 2012. Her hair was really fluffy but her resolve was spot on. Candy knew what she knew and called out Mitt Romney on the Rose Garden comment that he made accusing Barack Obama of lying. Guess who lied? Mittens Romney!!! Maybe I will DVR State of the Union this Sunday.

Binders Full Of Women.

Candy Crowley knew that she had to keep her cool and control the temper tantrum boys in the same way that Martha Raddatz kicked ass and broke the glass ceiling once and for all.The difference was that Candy did a live fact check whereas Martha just was not taking any shit.


The Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul (Gays Think I Am Cute) Ryan was all sorts of high energy teeth showing coupled with an annoying Eddie Munster-esque widow’s peak. However the winner of the debate was clearly Martha Raddatz. The ABC News correspondent was not taking shit from either of those guys and she made Jim Lehrer’s nelly ass performance seem like it was a distant memory. Actually Jim Lehrer’s performance at the Presidential Debate was a distant memory while it was happening, leaving an open slot for Mitt Romney to wriggle his wormy lies into the lame stream media. For all the oohs and aaahs that Mitt was bestowed by all the bloviators and pundits, I have two words for them: Barack Obama.

Candy Crowley kicked ass, no? Not quite Raddatz but kicked ass plenty.

It gives me great joy to announce that the winner of the #VPDebate was Martha Raddatz, seconded by Joe Biden and the anxious wanna-be bad ass Paul Ryan coming up from behind. Yes, where many gay men would love to be. The sad thing about the gays thinking Paul Ryan is so cute is that it justifies the Log Cabin Republicans who care more about money then their civil rights. Fotz.

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