Yet Another Celebrity Fashion Collection..ZZZZ

Oct 18, 2009Breaking Newzzz
The Kardashian schmatta project, sure to be riveting television.

The Kardashian schmatta project, sure to be riveting television.

As I lay here gazing at the geese swimming on the lake in upstate New York, rethinking my life, it’s meaning, my daily agenda, to the energy I put out to my clients and most importantly, to I MEAN..WHAT?!?, I was struck at the news flash about the upcoming “celebrity fashion” collection. What a buzz kill. Bebe, a clothing company that I still don’t quite get, hired the lovely Kardashian girls to do a capsule collection. Yes, that’s right. The sheer volume of red carpet traipsing these gals have done qualifies them as fashion designers…through osmosis…to Bebe anyway. OK, the Kardashians are very attractive, and I loved Khloe on Celebrity Apprentice, but in this new world where anyone can be a designer just because they get lots of press is so off-putting. It diminishes the craft that any great fashion designer has mastered. Sure, Lindsay Lohan being a creative director at Emanuel Ungaro is a stretch, but she never claims to be a designer. But when I read today, “This is honestly a dream come true! “We have always loved fashion and have wanted to design for such a long time and now we finally are!” We wanted to be what since when? Besides wanting to be famous, that is? Hey, being famous is fine…so be famous and leave the designing to designers. And if Bebe is so clueless that they can only cross promote with a reality television show, then..I just give up…or they should. But something has to give.

Here comes plenty of sexy little knock off dresses.

Here comes plenty of sexy little knock off dresses.

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3 Responses to “Yet Another Celebrity Fashion Collection..ZZZZ”

  1. audrey nizen says:

    it's the trash collection…very hot this season…
    it is enough to make you rethink your life.
    see you for coffee when you return

  2. ericka says:

    my company sells their discarded clothes and accessories on eBay. lol. we ever sold a couple of their cars. for some reason, their used shoes are a big seller. :-/

  3. Alex Dobbs says:

    did anyone seen Kim's sex tape???? its like every girl that wants to be an "it" girl feels they have an obligatory sex tape….

    like paris's sex tape was a bit star makerish because she was sexy and funny… like you could laugh or jerk off… so there was something for everyone…

    Tia Taquila's sex tape was purely the worst… bordering on a sloppy patrick bateman production…

    but Kim K.'s tape is just…. well…. obscenely long and she is wearing a bra the entire time… not from shyness… no, because her vag is the star of the movie. The reality is that those girls are just not actually attractive. So the only way they can get any attention is to be whorish… she left her bra on in the video for support… that is to say she didn't want the world to see how awful her breasts look. I have a few guesses about the potential flaws. Its not that she was a prude or something and I'm miffed about that… obviously not… she made a bloody sexy tape…

    the real clincher is she is so obviously trying to do ANYTHING to keep herself in the spotlight… and this goes for all these spoiled LA girls that think they are the next big thing just for being "hot" and partying with celebrities and getting small dogs or something… and America is sooooooooo bored they have let it happen a few times…

    Paris can stay because she is sort of canon by now and she is the closest thing we have these days to a… a walking reminder… Always marry up… or your child will be paris. Good breading is a 2 part equation… obviously her soapy mother forgot to teach her some things…

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