Paris Hilton…The Noodnik of Beverly Hills

Oct 19, 2009Breaking Newzzz
Once again, Paris Hilton is the story of the day. But not for being a do-gooder.

Can Paris Hilton ever take a break from being her?

Once again, Paris Hilton is in the…and my headlines for being her…a.k.a. annoying. Last week Paris and a chimpanzee hosted a party at the Bowlmoor Lanes. And Doug Reinhardt too. Proving, that if Paris can do it…so can a chimpanzee. Now, the news on the lovely Miss Hilton is that she is coming back to New York to work on a film. Well, it’s a one day shoot, and a cameo at that. Question: If you are playing yourself, is that considered work? I’d like to call it work-ish. The dish is that she handed in a three-page rider demanding things including fresh, live lobster to be prepared when  she was ready to eat. Imagine the craft table at that shoot. Gross sandwiches, wrinkly fruit, packaged candies, bad coffee and a bowl of sodas on one side, and a large fish tank with two lobsters waiting for their demise when Miss Full-of-Herself is ready to suck on a claw. Shame on director, Adam Kay for giving into these demands. With a cast that includes Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Samuel Jackson, Eva Mendes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Michael Keaton, what exacly does the Paris Hilton walk-on add to this film unless she is totally being trashed. Which for a one day shoot can’t be more than a small laugh. The problem is not Paris, but the people that feed the beast that is her ego.

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  1. Benita says:

    Thank God she doesn't have a taste for live chimp…

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