Sigourney Weaver, Roy Teeluck & Dress For Success

As seen on CBS Sunday Morning, my favorite TV show.

My mandate (not man date) as a public relations know-it-all is to align my clients with charitable causes when there is an organic connection to the mission. For hair stylist Roy Teeluck, we developed a unique relationship with the highly respected organization Dress For Success whereas he provides beauty services–free of charge–to their clients. They provide the outfit, we provide the the coife. “When a woman looks good from head to toe, they are more confident. So whether they are going on a job interview or interacting with people in their daily life, it makes a big difference,” says Roy. The women are invited to his eponymous salon at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue and enjoy the royal treatment along with the ladies who lunch that frequent the salon.

When Sigourney Weaver, Roy’ client, learned about this initiative, she offered to lend her support. I mean…. if the star of Working Girl can’t inspire someone going on a job interview…then who can? Princess Leia? That would be a no. So I pitched the story to Faith Salie at CBS Sunday Morning, my favorite television show, and they were featured in a segment about “hair” this past spring. If you would like to learn about ways to help us help Dress For Success, please click the still from the recent interview above. DFS has mentoring and volunteer programs in addition to traditional donations of clothes or cash.

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