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As seen on CBS Sunday Morning, my favorite TV show.

My mandate (not man date) as a public relations know-it-all is to align my clients with charitable causes when there is an organic connection to the mission. For hair stylist Roy Teeluck, we developed a unique relationship with the highly respected organization Dress For Success whereas he provides beauty services–free of charge–to their clients. They provide the outfit, we provide the the coife. “When a woman looks good from head to toe, they are more confident. So whether they are going on a job interview or interacting with people in their daily life, it makes a big difference,” says Roy.… Read More »

Collagen for your hair? Wait till you see the results.

Restylane and Juvederm and Collagen, oh my! As a staunch supporter of anything that improves anything, I want to introduce you to a new product, Concentré de Collagène by Roy Teeluck—an innovative, concentrated collagen serum for healthy hair and scalp. Collagen for the hair, you ask? The results are astonishing: from shinier, healthier hair to fuller, more voluminous blow-outs. The product infuses much-needed collagen in its whole molecular form into the scalp, which nurtures and replenishes the skin. Concentré de Collagène promotes an enriched environment for your hair to maintain its optimal health as it grows. Roy’s clients are enjoying… Read More »

Prom: Short for promenade, which refers to when guests march around at the beginning of a ball or cotillion. Proms took their cue from the exclusive debutante balls; so what we now refer to and obsess on as Prom is in essence a down-market version of the Crillon Ball of Paris. Teen Prom, Adult Prom, both concepts elude me. Seems as though there is this rising trend in Adult Proms, which they are referring to as Do-Overs. Since I did not go to my high school prom (*see below), I guess there is nothing for me to do-over. And if… Read More »

Mention I Mean…What?!? and receive a complementary L’Oréal Professionnel Powerdose Deep Treatment. Get some of that royal treatment for yourself while the rest of the world goes goo-goo ga-ga over Kate and What’s-His-Name. Schedule your appointment today by calling 212 888 2221 or Please follow us on or Like Us on Facebook. Photo: Michael Casker… Read More »

Sex, Toys And Rock ‘N’ Roll

The New York Times Style section featured a great article on vibrators. Sex toys have come out of the closet and onto the shelves at Duane Read and Walgreen’s taking the taboo out of diddling with…… Read More »

Hairstylist Roy Teeluck was prolific with the looks previewed at the Oscars Designer Challenge last week. Reese Witherspoon and Mila Kunis walked the Oscars Red Carpet wearing exact replicas of what Roy predicted would grace our favorite Hollywood stars. See what Roy created versus what style your favorite celebrities wore at the Academy Awards. Watch our how-to videos to achieve these looks at home.… Read More »

AND THE WINNER IS…BORRIS POWELL Last week, I worked on the Oscars Designer Challenge 2011. It is a pretty cool concept: Up-and-coming fashion designers submit sketches of red carpet dresses to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The best designs are selected by a jury and then the dresses are featured in the Challenge, as a runway presentation to the media. The winning dress is worn by that girl who hands out the Oscars to each winner, so the visibility is global fabulosity. If you think about it, its a better reality show that The Fashion Show or… Read More »

Exotic beauties, Rosario Dawson, and MTV Skins’ Sophia Black D’Elia (recently sitting front row at G-Star Raw fashion show) looked stunning in their glossy tresses done by Roy Teeluck. The celebrity hairstylist just opened his new salon on 57th and 5th Avenue in time for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to a resounding success. Word is that Olivia Palermo, client of the Andre Davis at the salon will host the opening in the Spring. For more information, please click here, Johnna Escobedo,… Read More »

Roy Teeluck has moved his eponymous salon to 5 East 57th Street, next door Yves Saint Laurent, in time to kick-off Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Schedule a hair service such as a blow-out or up-do and receive a complementary L’Oréal Professionnel Powerdose Deep Treatment. Click here to email a request for an appointment.… Read More »

Check Out Roy Teeluck’s New Website

Roy Teeluck announced today that his eponymous hair salon, located across from the Four Seasons on E. 57th Street, will move closer to Fifth Avenue, nestled between Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, at 5 East 57th Street. The theme of the new salon is a throwback to 1970’s glamour and will be a total beauty experience from head to toe…literally. Roy Teeluck and the salon have a diverse clientele including Olivia Palermo, Bar Refaeli, Tinsley Mortimer, Sigourney Weaver, Neve Campbell, Hillary Clinton to name a few. Check out the new website designed by Ben Lord of Soft Limit. httpv://… Read More »