Sayonara All My Children

Susan Lucci was All My Children.

On January 5, 1970, All My Children premiered while I was at home, sick with the flu from grade school. (Yes, that makes me 200 years old, but that is not the point here.) In my groggy state, I heard the All My Children Theme Song which jostled me awake, and there was Erica Kane. Though I was feeling better the next day, I exaggerated my cough and sniffle so I could stay home to catch more of Erica’s shenanigans. I continued with my charade and by the end of the week my mother was getting worried and took me to the doctor. Fortunately, he diagnosed me with a slight case of pneumonia. (Mind over matter.) Yippee, All My Children here I come, which got me to thinking as to what situation I preferred:

  1. To be terminally ill, without the terminal part, or
  2. To be a housewife.

How lucky were these ladies to have the legal tender to stay home and watch soap operas? Though I was a staunch supporter of the women’s movement, I could never quite understand why women did not want to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They got to have kids, lay around the house, brats off to school while the hubby is out busting his ass to pay all the bills. There is an expression, “Be careful what you wish for”. Women wanted equality in the workplace? Are you happy now? I would have not have traded in one iota of soap opera viewing for work, period. Give me a zip-up housecoat with tissues in my big front pockets any day. I stretched my psychosomatic illness for two full weeks and became hooked on All My Children. There is much more to this story once I had to resume my class schedule, which includes cutting classes in order to keep up with Erica as well as breaking and entering into my own house. It will be in the book but until then, I am sad to see that Susan Lucci will soon be unemployed.


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