Sarah Palin: Real Hausfrau Of Wasilla

Mar 25, 2010Breaking Newzzz

The Adams Family get a reality show.

Let it be said that I Mean…What?!? called the Sarah Palin reality television show on June 12, 2009. So it was written, and so it shall be done. Today the Huffington Post reports that Sarah Palin and Mark Burnett are in cahoots with each other to bring you more endless nonsense from Wasilla. Here’s my next prediction, Mark Burnett becomes the leading campaign adviser for Sarah. This reality show will be the vehicle to slam her into the White House in 2016. Well, surely not 2012. I don’t care how many Tea Parties she hosts. And if I am right…which as you know, ahem…Mark Burnett will be the architect of the next disaster…along the lines of Karl Rove. Though the Discovery Channel is boasting that the show will be all about the beauty and majesty of Alaska, think again. Get this sound bite from Burnett. “I can’t think of anyone more compelling than Sarah Palin to tell the story of Alaska,” he said. “I’m thrilled to reunite with Discovery on this project, which brings together one of the most fascinating figures of our time with one of the most wondrous places on earth.”

These Golden Girls, Joan Rivers and Susan Lucci ran the Iditarod Dog Race and could be a far better candidate for that Sarah Palin Reality Show than Sarah.

Really? Not even Joan Rivers or Susan Lucci who ran the Iditarod Great Sled Race a few years back? Come on now. Who is more fascinating than Susan Lucci? That would not be Sarah “They Do Shoot Horses, Don’t They” Palin.

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