Head NYC Cop, Ray Kelly, Looking Into Gosselin Break In

Am I alone here when I say, “This is what the New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has time for?” Taking time to discuss the Jon Gosselin break in? Oy, vey! Let’s hope that Hailey Glassman gets even more attention from the media when we find out that she was involved in this hoax. What would be the difference between this and Balloon Boy?

Hailey Glassman better ditch all her paraphernalia before the cops get to her parent's house.

I leave you with this…Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston were the most talked about guys in 2009…except for Tiger Woods, another picture of emotional health. And we wonder why America is no longer the power center of the world. UPDATE: Bristol Palin is trying to get some dough from Levi for child support. Proof, that if he kept his pants on, Bristol would never have posed any problems for him…ever.

These two are beyond annoying.

See second entry from this morning below.

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