A Loving Mesage To Bristol Palin

May 15, 2012Gross Baboons

The two faces of Bristol Palin.

Dear Bristol,

Surely death threats are not an effective means to change minds. I am sorry for those people who recently resorted to using those tactics based on your desperate need to be in the media. Had you not blabbered on about Barack Obama’s position of gay marriage, perhaps you would not be in this situation. Naturally, when you say, “hate doesn’t win any arguments” that is true. But the fact that you were compelled to stick your neck out and make a point on such a hot button issue, then you must accept your responsibility in this situation. You more than most should know the ire of strangers who disagree with you. Considering you are the by-product of Sarah Palin.

For someone who had a child out of wedlock, that puts you on the short list of THE most hypocritical people. Proof that you are jonesing to be in the spotlight was when you booked Dancing With the Stars. By the way, what ever happened to your PR firm that you started called BPMP LLC? Are you your only client? One could say you inherited your mother’s desperate need to be in the limelight and for that, you put yourself in the crosshair (you know what that is) of all the nuts who threaten others. Although YOU might consider yourself to be a quotable member of the media elite, in reality, you are a garden variety reality star who cannot fully accept being out of the limelight. Hence, you stick your puss into any camera that will have you. Want to avoid death threats? Consider obscurity.



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