Move Over Loredana Jolie…Hailey Glassman Is Gross Baboon Of The Year

First of all, what in God's name is Steppin' Out? Whoever reads it and responds to this cover is tragically sad. And if a publicist throws this rag into the mix of their ability to get press...well...yikes.

This is a good day for Loredana Jolie, who I crowned Gross Baboon of the Year in regards to her loose lips (get your mind out of the gutter) during the Tiger Woods fiasco. Today I am stripping Loredana of her title and giving it to Hailey Grossman, of Jon Gosselin and drunk-in-a-plant fame. Just to refresh your memories, I crowned Loredana with the title Gross Baboon of the Year when she was flapping her gums about the book she was going to write about the Tiger Woods tryst, and alluding to Tiger’s homosexual activities. Loredana, dear…just because you were getting gang-banged does not homosexuality make…and (B) even if Tiger did participate in that activity, which millions enjoy, who are you to break the news…besides a gross baboon. Lucky you, girl, because Hailey Glassman is even grosser. I could keep Loredana with the title and give Haily the Grosser Baboon of the Year title. Lord knows, soon enough there will be the need for Grossest Baboon of the Year…people being what they are. But…I can always adjust that awards ceremony. But for now, that Hailey Glassman, uber-skank of the century, has come clean about her affair with the loser of the century, Jon Gosselin, one can only agree with my choice to crown this hag with the title. At least Loredana works….albeit hooking…but that is work. Hailey on the other hand is a sponge, a varmint, a barnacle on the idea of celebrity. She really makes me brech (vomit in Yiddish).

Hailey Glassman in here less famous days....before she was a cover model of brechness.

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