The John Barlett Woman

Feb 12, 2010Fashion

God kicked off New York Fashion Week with lots of snow. Not the kind you snort…relax Los Angeles Fashion Week…but the kind that closed the New York City schools, yet does not daunt the Fashion Crowd. Nothing can keep them from making the scene. John Bartlett held his Fall 10 fashion show at a venue in Tribeca, where the streets were cold and desolate, but the venue was warm and cozy, as was the crowd, who were out in force. Though the collection was mostly men’s, I am going to take this moment to high five the women’s pieces because they were worth mentioning. I saw two sketches prior to the show and thought butch-lipstick lesbians. And I was right…in a good way. Yes, there was The Softer Side of Dykes of Bikes, but there was also a hint of Lauren Hutton, the safari years, coupled with a hint of Katharine Hepburn (when not on film).

Edwige...plucked from obscurity and onto the catwalk.

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