Anna Wintour Stars In The September Issue

Aug 6, 2009People We Lerve
All in favor of seeing this movie say, AY.

All in favor of seeing this movie say, AY.

There aren’t many films that get me all goosebumps and giggly like the upcoming The September Issue has. You won’t see me camped out at the Ziegfled waiting to buy Harry Potter nonsense. Truth be told, I have not seen any of those films. Can’t figure out why, just ‘cuz. Nor was I highly anticipating Twilight or Transformers: Revenge of the Whatever, and you can relax about Ironman. Yeah, I’ll see it, but can we discuss the Anna Wintour movie for a second? Obsessed. I’ve seen the trailer umpteen times. Haven’t you? Actually, a friend of mine who has been going through a traumatic family health issue was able to stop thinking about the horrific news she’d received from the doctor when I played the trailer for The September Issue over and over again. It was cathartic for her and I want Anna to know that sheer joy was a direct result of the preview alone. So, whatever Cathy Horyn has to say today in The New York Times Style Section about the state of the magazine business, the shift in Vogue‘s revenue, the decline of ad sales worldwide, the over-spending on shoots, etc. that this three-minute short brought a smile to my sad friend. This makes the film a huge success for reasons that no one was banking on. The looks, the glares, the glances, the comments, the eye rolling, the silence, the flitting about by staffers, Candy Pratts Price saying “September is the January of fashion”…I mean…come on…who does not want to see this movie?

There is a great point in The Times article about the overspending on shoots…and the excess. Ms. Horyn points out that the European magazines have more stringent budgets whereas in the United Stats, $5,000 just for food on the set is commonplace. This whole princess mollycoddling for what are in essence support staff is mind boggling. The notion of waste is soooo two seasons ago. If the industry, not just Anna & Co., can’t revisit their spending, well, this year 37% reduction in revenue, next season…what?!? Snap out of it, y’all. Getting a grip is a good thing. And stop whining, ’cause you’ll be more than whining when things gets worse. Help things get better.

Back to The September Issue. Good for Anna. This movie will best tell her story as opposed to Devil Wears Prada. Anna is smart as a whip and the upcoming global shopping initiative Fashion’s Night Out is probably the best ad campaign for both September issues, movie and magazine. So, say what you want about Miss Thing, but she is 500 Snaps Up.

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  1. Benita says:

    I have not heard of this until now (life under my rock is surprisingly comfy) but I'm now officially jonesing for it. That said, is Candy Pratts Price doing a Sean Connery impression in the trailer or does she always talk that way? After her one-liner about September and January, I was anticipating a reference to Red October…

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