Binders Full Of Women, Gays, Blacks, And Latinos

Nov 9, 2012People We Lerve

Binders Full Of Women spoke loud and clear on Tuesday. Congratulations ladies, and while I am at it, you other ladies (gays) who fortunately all came to your senses in droves and voted for what is right. (Still scratching my head on the 22% gay vote that went to Mitt Romney and would love to interview any of the lesbians for Romney, but I digress). To be clear, when I say right, I don’t mean right and wrong, rather, as in your own rights… as human beings. When push came to shove, in the private moment of doing your duty as citizen by voting, Gays, Blacks, Latinos and Women made history by saying no, by saying yes. If that sounds convoluted, that is because it is!

This campaign season brought out the worst in many of us:

  • Our true colors
  • Our unwillingness to compromise
  • Our best interests being forsaken for the blessed buck
  • Our anger issues
  • Our ill will
  • Our secret resentments
  • Our tendencies to hate those who disagree with us
  • Our rather not mentions

Oh, come now. We won, it is time to be brutally honest, at least with ourselves. Being human, our foibles are not pretty. But they are there and still will be in 2016. Rather than spend endless hours trying to figure out how the Republicans can make up market share by creating more Binders Full of Women, Gays, Blacks and Latinos, let us use this time WISELY and keep nurturing these groups to stay in the bosom of Democracy–warm, toasty and cared for. Not marketed to by a bunch of transparent gross baboons. No, we must not allow “them” to prevail by spending more billions of dirty dollars wooing our constituencies away from what made Election 2012 poetic justice. Woe is to those who let that happen.

The I MEAN WHAT PARTY plans to fight for Binders Full of Women and Gays and anyone else who will listen.

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