Dinner For Schmucks: Hosts Donald Trump & Karl Rove

Aug 27, 2015Gross Baboons

They will be eating the shit pie that Octavia Spencer served in “The Help”.

Here’s how Republican @realDonaldTrump actually is. I wrote this piece two nights after @MittRomney blew it and the @GOP still had to put up a brave face.

There was a forced dinner party hosted by The Donald and that party animal extraordinaire, Karl Rove. You remember, that closeted looking liar. Anyway, I think Dinner for Schmucks was a lovely name for it. DOn’t you?

The attendees at the Dinner For Schmucks have plenty of “searching” to do. Notice that I didn’t say SOUL searching? That’s because if they are milling around in this room, they’ve sold their soul to their own private devil. Chances are room, they all will be granted the best consolation prize…They win an honorary Gross Baboon of the Year Plaque.

Dinner was cut short by the hosts telling everyone to get the hell out. Oddly they all seemed to be chumming up to Marco Rubio like he’s some kind of savior. Sorry boys, he ain’t gonna cut it.

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  1. Mitt Romney, the Mormon Madoff, telegraphed to the American electorate how barren was his soul during the closing days of the campaign when he 1) point blank lied to American autoworkers 2) demonized 'Italian' CEO Sergio Marchionne in a way that would have made Anglo hate groups like the KKK proud and his key media surrogates were the goons, ghouls & gimps of the GOP's putrid brand: Rudy Ghouliani, Donald Trump, Karl Rove and toe sucker Dick Morris who predicted a Romney Landslide. The fact is that these folks no longer understand this country.

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