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When I walked out of Bryan Bantry’s screening of The Intouchables, France’s most successful film of all time, I turned to my friend Sam and said, “Harvey Weinstein better not remake this movie.” She instantly agreed and we both started vomiting at the thought of an American remake of such a sweet, poignant film. Let’s face it, “poignant American” is an oxymoron and those words cannot sit comfortably in the same sentence. The conversation went something like this:… Read More »

Last night, Bryan Bantry invited me to the special screening of Michael Jackson’s This Is It, the documentary film, directed by Kenny Ortega, based on “the making of the” This Is It Tour. “It is a must see.” Around the time of Michael’s’ passing, rumors swirled that he was in no condition to do 50 shows and endless other horrendous stories therein. With the non-stop, 24-hour-all-Michael-all-the-time, barrage of media reporting on his condition, from the pundits, people-out-of-the-woodwork, past employees, doctors and even his family members, you just didn’t know who to believe…until now. The reason to see this film (besides… Read More »