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You know, between Arnold Schwarzenegger and this French slob, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I am not sure who deserves the Gross Baboon of the Year Award. Maybe it is a tie. Although this banking douche-bag deserves all the scrutiny and negative publicity he is getting (hey, I love Carla Bruni),  the award goes to Arnold Schwarzenegger. What a gross, wrinkly disgusting, baboon. First of all, I really like Maria Shriver, who did more for the women’s movement over the past few years since becoming the Governator (could you hate an expression more?)’s wife. It is upsetting to know that she knew all… Read More »

OK, OK. Sure Michelle Obama is fierce. And very stylish. And totally cool. And really smart. And her politics are wonderful. And her positive impact is being felt worldwide. And her husband is Barak Obama. OK, OK. But I have to draw the line in the sand to this ridiculous comparison between her and Carla Bruni. First of all, why must we simpletons resort to comparing at all. Why can’t people just stand on their own merit. Why can Michelle just be fabulous, compared to nobody. And what is to be gained by declaring that Michelle “out-glamed” Carla? I’ll tell… Read More »