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Are you people nuts? Sarah Palin resigned. That is the good news. What’s with the judgments and criticisms? It’s further proof that we, as a nation, consistently look a gift horse in the mouth, or, bite the hand that feeds us, whichever of those expressions apply. She’s a nut bag, she resigned, now can we please get back to which suit Michael Jackson will wear to his grave? The thing that no one really wants to say here is that Sarah Palin is beyond brilliant. Beautiful and smart. Oh, yes smart…as a whip. Not in a bookish way. But in… Read More »

Not winning American Idol was the best thing that could have happened to Adam Lambert. When the little foof Kris Allen won and had to start singing that incredibly horrible song by Kara (fierce abs) DioGuardi, the future was clear for Adam. Kris has to make all the traditional AI moves and Adam is going to saunter into a recording studio and do what he wants as an artist. The AI texting public is not who will ultimately make Adam a star. It’s his vision and extreme talent that will find him a massive worldwide, loyal following. Why? Rock-n-Roll Rules.… Read More »