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From here on, Eminem is officially, M&M. The Sunday night, completely inappropriate, ass-in-face stunt turns out to have been planned and rehearsed. I guess M&M likes that position after all…the position of being mocked and made to look like a fool. So many people thought that the whole situation was unfortunate. In hind sight (literally), it is an abomination that this kind of immaturity rules and is the bane of MTV’s existence. Wanna bet the Bruno movie will feature a song by M&M? There is always some sort of cross-promotional deal in the air with MTV. They are the masters… Read More »

My head is still reeling from how horrendous the MTV Movie Awards are. I don’t know where to begin. And it’s not because I am not cool that I think the entire show is a bunch of childish morons. In every which way, that industry needs to snap out of it. And everyone wonders why kids today are so clueless, disrespectful and unsophisticated. Look at their role models. The few entertaining moments for me were Eminem’s performance (on stage), the Andy Samburg’s retrospective sung by Leanne Rimes, Forrest Whitaker and Chris Isaac and that’s pretty much it. I missed Kings… Read More »