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Kernels of Dish (Tuesday)

httpv:// Kylie’s new video…what do you think? I am feeling Fire Island Morning Party. Fergie, Fergie, Ferige. Yowza McGee. – D LISTED Liz Taylor is sharing her private letters from Richard Burton with Vanity Fair. A far improvement to the current gay porn cover. – HUFFINGTON POST Cathy Horyn laments that there are no more Tom Fords laying around. – NY MAGAZINE… Read More »

Hoola-fontz is a word that appeared on the Gurko vernacular years ago that describes going out partying, flirting heavily or as gays put it “kiki-ing”. And there’s plenty of all of the above going on in Fire Island Pines…to the nth power. Throngs and throngs of people are hoola-fontzing here. Hoola-fontzers you will never want to get into a conversation with, swarming like bees to honey, or in this case…the bar. Anyhoo, how fitting that while surrounded by the unending Marlene parade that the lead stories in the New York Post is about Madonna and the long lost love letters.… Read More »