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El Paseo Fashion Weeek is an oxymoron.

It has been a while since commenting on the bastardization of the term Fashion Week. Couple years ago, they seemed to be popping up in every God knows where and forsaken location on Earth. Reading back from older IMW posts, I found an entry which included a plan to put an end to all of them besides New York, London, Milan and Paris. Guess my plan never was activated because I just discovered another one… El Paseo Fashion Week. Where is that you ask? It just does not matter because it needs to stop now. Look, I understand that a… Read More »

Nothing is more embarrassing than watching the news with all these old men bandying about the words gay and homosexual. The possible repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has brought the conversation to the forefront and  it makes me cringe whenever I hear some old, straight, uptight military man boiling the whole thing down to, “What about the showers?” Are these people kidding? Is that what all these homophobes are worried about? Being groped in the shower? No gay guy in their right mind, with the Taliban lurking in the shadows, wants to take the risk of coming onto a… Read More »

Policy shmolicy. Who wants to join a group that doesn’t let you be who you are and cultivate the best in you? Gays want to be in the military? For what? The clothes? I am confused. Are you trying to tell me that grunting along some dusty patch of Middle Eastern soil is what you really want to go for? What about shopping on Madison? Or happy hours in Chelsea (NYC). The term “gay” kicked in the 1960’s and since then, the reference to homosexuality has shifted to a light, frothy, sexy lifestyle filled with booze, drugs and dancing. No?… Read More »