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Stella McCartney has been dressing a lot of starlets recently and this dress looks the best of ageless beauty, Jane Fonda, featured in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. See below. Not much else to say here.… Read More »

  Broadway is about to have a smash hit on their hands. Last night, I was invited to dinner and the show, Baby It’s You, the story of The Shirelles. Naysayers, Lord knows there’s plenty of those in the theater community, will compare this show to Jersey Boys. The fact is, Baby It’s You is the story of an iconic female band from New Jersey, so surely is something there to that comparison. The similarities end there. Baby It’s You is the story of the woman, Florence Greenberg, a yenta from Passaic, and bored with only having a new big avocado… Read More »

The news about John Galliano’s anti-Semitic rant and his professed love for Hitler is one of the worst bits of news to come along since the War on Terror and the rising obesity rate. John Galliano’s shows for Christian Dior have always topped my best collections list. His flair for the dramatic and artistry put him leagues above the rest of fashion’s elite. Clearly, John Galliano is at the height of his addictions and it is hard to hold people accountable for their actions. But, as a concentration camp survivor’s son, it is hard to immediately forgive this brilliant, raving… Read More »