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You can call me a lot of things, but a prude is not one of them. Though this week, having had an earful of utter nonsense regarding these middle-aged, Republican men and their illicit sex romps, I may come off a bit puritanical. Excuse me for acting all Queen Victoria, but I do not need to have the visuals of Mark Sanford, Silvio Berlusconi or John Ensign…naked with some hooker…dancing in my head. And with the amount of attention to these guys have received, it’s there, stuck in my head, and I need to get them out. All the Manzie’s… Read More »

At the airport, destination: Reykjavik, Iceland for the weekend. So, this two-hour check in rule is a crock of shit. Implemented since 9 – 11, it was communicated to us that the extra time was in our best interests as safety regulations were being implemented. Thank you George Bush and Dick Cheyney for your  new, improved homeland security detail. Now, here I sit, years later, waiting the hour and a half left before my flight takes off. I realize that all this fear mongering that surrounds airport check-in is part of a Bushian master plan. First you are greeeted by… Read More »