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Gay marriage, gay divorce, same thing. – DLISTED Does Kate Hudson have new moobs? – US MAGAZINE Lou Dobbs for President? Better than Sarah Palin…no? – NY POST Smell like 50 Cents? Now there’s an ad campaign…but do you think he is gay? – DETAILS Would you date Kate Gosselin? She don’t think so. – US Are you on Twitter? Click here to follow I MEAN..WHAT?!?… Read More »

Awww. The poor little babies (a.k.a tragic media whores) that think they are all that and a bag of chips by virtue of their being tracked by the tabloid news. You have to love these people for they know not who they are. They only know who they think they are. Then we also have the people who’s media-driven projects that got all sorts of hype but alas, did not live up to the expectations. Cheer up because you have been graced with the honor of being on the I MEAN…WHAT?!? LAST FIVE MINUTES OF FAME LIST. It’s a great… Read More »