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There are two dreadful days of the year. No, not April 15, that one I can stomach. These are the bitter pills of days. One of them is that first day back to work (or school, which caused the problem in the first place) after the long, joyous summer. I did a piece The End of Summer Stomach Ache earlier this year. It is clear as a bell why they call it Labor Day because it’s as painful as being in labor. The other horrendous day is the first day back to work after the Christmas holidays having overdosed on… Read More »

Plans, schmans. I tend to not go out on New Year’s Eve after so many years of going out. Plenty of fun was had over the years, but as rigor-mortis sets in, I have embraced the solitude, perhaps a friend or two and a sister or two to share the tidings has been the deal as of late. This year, I was invited to a small gathering, which was actually a great option. Car service to and fro, being with my good friend in town from Los Angeles, we rarely are in the same timezone on New Year’s. All the… Read More »