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We all know about the Emperor’s New Clothes. Those designers who are really not all that, rather, they are a bag of chips and get the ooohs and aaaah from the fashion press. You know who you are, and don’t need me to call you out. Hint: P. S. But we have hit a new level of Emperor’s New Clothes with simply a group of Emperors, namely Brad Goreski. He and Leigh Lezark are like the same person. Well, have you ever seen them together in the same room at the same time? Brad was a fun ditty on season… Read More »

The other day I wrote a piece about the lack of factual information being bandied about regarding the fees that celebrities are charging to attend the New York fashion shows. did a really sloppy report on these supposed costs and random facts about talent. I just read Cathy Horyn‘s column in The New York Times Style, and she too, like has some information that is questionable and quotes from people that should just not be listened to. The worst part of all this is it is a bad reflection on the industry, which right now does not need… Read More »

Faster than a speeding publicist… More powerful than a glossy editrix… Able to leap tall models in a single bound. Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Super-Fashionista. Yes, Super-Fashionista, the new sub-human that has cropped up since the CFDA starting centralizing New York Fashion Week under the Tents at Bryant Park. Super-Fashionista. Once a lowly wanna-be…now a self-proclaimed stylist/blogger/insider/personal shopper. Two years ago, Super-Fashionista only wondered what it would be like to hang around the inner sanctum of fashion victim-land, a.k.a. the tents. Now, they are a welcome force to be reckoned with. Once… Read More »

On several occasions I have featured The Nobody News and The Party’s Over, with stories and pictures of people you’d never want to meet. Kind of like Guest of a Guest or Hamptons Online only I was not serious. The people that those media (?) outlets feature on their party pages give new meaning to “the rags”. (I don’t care what their traffic is.) They actually legitimize the tabloids. I mean…seriously…reportage from a hagfest? Not only have we sunk to a new low on celebrity coverage, but now we have created an industry featuring people that you didn’t like in… Read More »

Call me crazy…you wouldn’t be the first…but the members of the “Axis of Evil” are yay interested in Obama and his minions. Kim Jong-Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad don’t give a hoot about this new administration and are hell bent on acting like peacocks and showing off their lovely feathers. That or, “My dick’s bigger than yours, Barak Obama”, is the message here with all these nuclear threats and tests. (Clearly the bigger dick thing is not the case with Kim Jong-Il, but I digress.) So, what are we supposed to do with these mother fuckers? Can’t we just take them out?… Read More »

When did these tacky gifting suites enter the realm of fabulous? Who were/are these people that infiltrated the groovy backstage green rooms in order to display their sad wares? And when did real celebrities begin to frolic through free shit not minding that it becomes a press opportunity? When did fabulous go all wrong? Somewhere between the Golden Age of Hollywood and now, things have gotten cock-eyed. Press is no longer real press, and celebrities are no longer real celebrities, rather a bunch of schnorrers (Yiddish for moocher, as in Minnie the). Any schnook (Yiddish for stupid person) can be… Read More »