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As fall quickly turns into winter and the Democrats start losing key states, this is when a mild case of the doldrums kicks in. While we’re at it, can you check off any of the following items? ___The shaky economy is making me feel funky. ___The change of seasons makes me feel wonky. ___Daylight Savings Time making nightfall so early throws off my mojo. ___My romance is on the rocks. (OR) ___I’ve been single way too  long. ___All my co-workers (clients) are acting insane. If any of the aforementioned applies to you, then I prescribe a dose of retail therapy.… Read More »

It started in New York Fashion Week…continued at London Fashion Week and this trend was also prevalent in Milan. Shoes were no longer just shoes…they were a statement…the focus of the catwalks. At Phi, all the girls wore heavy shoes…even with little mini dresses. Anna Sui also showed heavy shoes with mini skirts. In London, Matthew Williamson covered the foot with fabric and bows which drew attention away from the clothes, if you ask me. So, what does this trend tell us? That the shoe makes the outfit? Or was it trying to dissuade the consumer from considering such a… Read More »