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Florence Welch arrived on her machine to keep her twirling through the night.

Additional Tuesday morning quarterback thoughts from last night’s Costume Institute Gala arrival festoon.… Read More »


Who do Barbara Bush, Emma Stone, Rachel Roy, Kym Johnson and Aruba have in common?… Read More »

All in favor of burning all the one shoulder gowns say, “I”. They seem so last season and the Costume Institute should be the point of entry for what’s new and hot for coming year, rather than the last vestiges of Red Carpet Award looks from La La Land. I just think these ladies look like they lunch. More to come…please follow us on or Like Us on Facebook.… Read More »

TMZ is reporting a sort of Chicken Little prophecy regarding the future of Lindsay Lohan. Her friends are very concerned that Linday’s partying is spiraling out of control and fear for her life. Well, whatever the case, I do hope that is not the case. Then again…who wouldn’t fall flat on their face in those ridiculous heels? Girl…Tory Burch flats for you.… Read More »

Dear Anna, It is with great joy that I am writing to you this morning after having such a great time at your city-wide…correction…world-wide shopping party last night. I hope you are sipping your coffee and reveling in your success. You know, a lot of people were looking with a crooked eye at this Fashion’s Night Out thing. From the get go…I knew this was gonna be mayjah. I believe the retailers, consumers, well, everyone needs to thank you because when you said “Jump” everyone asked, “How High?” And the higher they jumped, the better off they did. Everywhere I… Read More »