#NotBestDressed @ Oscars or The Dress That Ate The Actress

Awards Season is almost over. All we have to do is get through today’s Monday morning quarterbacks (present company included) spewing “Who looked like a mess” or “What was she thinking” or “WTF was she wearing” and then we can rest our weary bones. Yes, we can retire from The Joan Rangers Fashion Police Force and become civilians again rather than critics. My recurring theme of the evening was, The Dress That Ate The Actress. This means that there were not enough fittings, or the stylist in the room was from the Helen Keller School of Styling. Something was a miss and where was the gay? And if there was a gay, is he a Log Cabin Republican Gay? Because ladies, one never hires one of those.

I'm sorry, but getting on Dancing With The Stars does not constitute an invitation to the Oscars.

Emma Stone is being gobbled up by that bow on the side of her neck. Without it, she's have been on my Best Dressed, with it, fotz.

That's a lot of dress, pretty as it is, for this little girl. She dresses like a mom. Look at her at the Indie Spirits the night before.

Like what is that? She needs an award for Best Supporting Actress That Needs A Stylist.

With the hair pulled back it looks like Berenice Bejo was all washed up by this sea-foam green thing. It's a lot of dress, come on.

Oy vey. What was Sandra Bullock thinking? Or not. The dress ate her midriff.

This dress did not photograph well on the red carpet. Anna Faris is swallowed up whole by this Attack of the Killer Sequence.

Great acceptance speech, but this Lanvin is a bit more dress than necessary.

Melissa Leo was once again proves that all the glitters is not necessarily gold. Is this another Marc Bouwer?

Melissa McCarthy must hire Octavia Spencer's stylist. Period. This dress managed to eat the actress that eats a lot.

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