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When I walked out of Bryan Bantry’s screening of The Intouchables, France’s most successful film of all time, I turned to my friend Sam and said, “Harvey Weinstein better not remake this movie.” She instantly agreed and we both started vomiting at the thought of an American remake of such a sweet, poignant film. Let’s face it, “poignant American” is an oxymoron and those words cannot sit comfortably in the same sentence. The conversation went something like this:… Read More »


Awards Season is almost over. All we have to do is get through today’s Monday morning quarterbacks (present company included) spewing “Who looked like a mess” or “What was she thinking” or “WTF was she wearing” and then we can rest our weary bones. Yes, we can retire from The Joan Rangers Fashion Police Force and become civilians again rather than critics. My recurring theme of the evening was, The Dress That Ate The Actress. This means that there were not enough fittings, or the stylist in the room was from the Helen Keller School of Styling. Something was a… Read More »


When I started The Not Best Dressed List, the marketplace was not flooded with Monday morning fashion quarterbacks and mavens. Now its seems that opinions are falling from the trees like leaves in the fall. The Not Best Dressed List is getting drowned out thanks to Twitter and the slew of Johnny Come Lately fashion bloggers and the magazines that have finally surrendered to the Internet. Case in point: Paper magazine’s Mickey Boardman has started his worst dressed list also. How original. Bla bla bla… here are my selects… and plenty of them, I might add.  … Read More »


  It’s touching that Michael Kors is married and living happily ever after on television and sometimes in Africa, too. For someone who has upped the ante on his bitchy comments this season on Project Runway, I sure would love to hear what a bunch of Parsons students would have to say about his 30th Anniversary Collection. Does he has a farm in Africa, or was that Meryl Streep in Out of Africa? We do know it was not Barack Obama. With all that tie-dye going on, it reminds me of my sister’s baby onesie business, Baby Steps.… Read More »

I Got One Of Those Postcards.

The media has caused such a frenzy around Hurricane Irene, that it actually has me thinking twice about my initial plan to stay home with my dogs, read a book and watch Postcards From The Edge. The movie is part of the boxed set of Meryl Streep’s Greatest Hits, which was in the gift bag of the American Film Institute Honors Meryl Streep. This is as good a time as any to crack open the box, and perhaps even crack open a bottle of rosé. My idea of battening down the hatch is cozying up to old movies, stocking up… Read More »

Madonna To Star In Sunset Boulevard

Madonna is rumored to be in talks to play Norma Desmond in the film version of the Broadway musical Sunset Boulevard by Andrew Lloyd Weber. That would make me very happy. But a few things would have to happen. Madonna would have to surrender to the director. She would have to allow herself to look and act somewhat demented. Not like a caricature of Norma Desmond, but a real broken, lonely, lost icon. I thought Madonna was fantastic as Eva Peron, and surely, if all the stars align for Sunset Boulevard, this will be the seminal moment of Madonna’s career.… Read More »

One of New York’s mainstays on the social and nightlife landscape is the incomparable Patrick McMullan. He recently launched PMc Magazine, which will feature fashion, entertainment, parties, events, and well, all groovy things. I am happy to be part of this venture and will do whatever Patrick wants. Stay tuned. In the meanwhile if you are bored, please read my short interview. 1: Who am I? My name is Abe Gurko…though I go by Abe as in Cher…one name only. 2: What do you do and what project are you currently working on? I have a boutique PR and event… Read More »

The Daily Beast features the Best of Jersey TV today. Sure, Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Jerseylicious, are fan favorites, but what do these annoying people do to represent the many other Jersey residents that are not Guidos and Guidettes? Let me tell you first hand….NOTHING. Rather than focus on the wonderful people who hail from New Jersey like Meryl Streep, Count Basie and Bruce Springsteen, we are now hyper focused on the Goombas like Snooki, Teresa Guidice and The Situation. A permanent blemish has scarred the Garden State. We can identify the turning point when… Read More »

Congratulations California…you can now do it. And when I say it, I mean take that leap of faith that straights have been doing for centuries by getting married….like Bethenny Frankel. To be clear though, with marriage comes divorce. Here is a happy statistic: 50% of all marriages will end up in divorce. Before gays go running off in droves to become bridezillas, please think long and hard before you become like straight people, getting divorced at the first signs of a bad sex life, whining and complaining. Look, I am not opposed to gay marriage. Live and let live. The… Read More »

Here we go again….yet, another celebrity-turned-stink. This time, Bruce Willis is the man of the hour. Yup, because I know how much you have wanted to smell like Bruce Willis since his Moonlighting days. I personally wanted to smell like him when he was in Death Becomes Her, with Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn. Speaking of which, these gals would NEVER sign on to become a fragrance. Back to Bruce. The Bruce Willis Collection includes an eau de parfum, hair and body wash, deodorant spray and after shave balm. HAIR?!? Have they seen him in the past 20 years? This… Read More »