The Not Best Dressed Divas


OK Jennifer. We get that you are skinny. But those boots are right out of the Dolly Parton museum in Tennessee.

Not a fan of the rear end gown thing. So LaLa, hack that off and you are off this list.

What is that? Copper dress, silver shoes, gold clutch. Bye.

I love Florence Welch but not sure about this ethereal cape nonsense. Thoughts?

I love and own Sharon Jones' music, but someone please buy her CD. Sharon needs to afford a stylist.

I know, Martha Reeves can do no wrong. But she surely can wear wrong.

Who is this? Superfly.

Jessie J is only happy when she is on The Not Best Dressed List.

You know the crowd looks tacky if Dolly Parton is the most toned down. She looks great.


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