Reigning Queen Of Not Best Dressed List: Jessie J

The girl is stunning.

Rumors and reports and innuendo and blather are steaming up the internet about pop sensation, Jessie J and her sexual proclivities. Like I give a clahoon who, what and where she sleeps with… and how. Let me preface this with the fact that some douche bag, Chloe Govan, an otherwise travel writer, wrote a tell-all book about the 24 year-old singer which seems apropos to nothing. In researching this Chloe person I found this lovely kernel, “Whether milking camels in the Middle East or sampling sweet treats at Europe’s biggest chocolate festival, Chloe Govan is always at the heat of the action.” Well, she sure is in the heat of the action now. And I am sure Jessie J’s record label would love to milk Govan right about now… of her life.

My only comment for Jessie is this: Jessie girl, who cares what you do, all I care about is that you hire a friggen stylist. Enough is enough. Get off The Not Best Dressed List once and for all.

Here's the total look. Yikes.

Eeky Mulroon.


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2 Responses to “Reigning Queen Of Not Best Dressed List: Jessie J”

  1. Chloe says:

    HAHAHA!!!! I'm the author of the aforementioned book… thanks for giving me a plug, not that I need it, and thanks for giving me a laugh with your illiterate ramblings.
    While I was researching YOU, Abe, I found the claim that you "produce compelling, original digital content" – presumably "Chloe is a bitch" is an example of this compelling content. Your clients will be thrilled.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Hi Chloe…I know, the word bitch is not original, so I removed that word from the post, seeing that you might not be one after all. But if you are, please let me know. Ciao.

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