Nov 4, 2011Fashion

You gotta love Andrej Pejic.

Andrej Pejic is an unconventional beauty and there is nothing conventional about him. Andrej was catapulted into spotlight from the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall ’11 fashion show in Paris and continues to take the fashion industry by storm. When asked by journalist, Hilary Alexander whether he would ever consider getting a sex change, he dryly said, “Perhaps if Victoria’s Secret would offer me a contract. Otherwise I am quite happy being me.” As he should be.

The cover girl/boy tops the list of this year’s OUT100. You know, that Gay It List that any queen would otherwise kill to be on. I just wonder if getting this honor bestowed on you helps with getting laid. And if so, yoo hoo, there’s always next year. Other notables that made it to the Gay It List—and will no doubt get laid—are Peter Som, Gareth Pugh and a couple of gay actors from the Broadway stage, which begs the question, “Aren’t they all?”

Natasha Kinski who?

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