Do You Wanna Smell Like Truth Or Dare

Nov 4, 2011Breaking Newzzz

You too can smell like Madonna.

Do you want to smell like truth OR dare. Because you can not have it both ways. You can swing both ways, but that’s about it. Or maybe, in the case of Madonna, you can. And she does. Have it both ways and swing. Oh whatever, you know what I mean.  I adore this woman. Sure I rip on her here and there, but I must give her a shout out and hats off to you. Granted, Madonna has missed a few steps in terms of how she washes down her brand. For example, Barbara Streisand would never do half the things that Madonna does to keep herself relevant. But in the end, I am not comparing apples to apples or oranges to oranges. Just divas to divas. Up next is Madonna’s first signature fragrance, Truth or Dare. Now I dare any of you to not run to Macy’s and grab a sniff. Buy? Maybe not. Schpritz? Definitely.

As you know, I take pause with celebrities creating fragrances. Hello Jennifer Aniston. I give up giving a damn because I have no power here. When C-List television actresses start selling their schtunk (yes, you Kate Walsh Boyfriend) clearly no one thinks what I say matters. Alas. But Madonna. Well girl. You can do what you want… and do. Can’t wait to see you schpritzing Truth or Dare in Macy’s during Christmas.

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