Ask And Ye Shall Receive…Random Manzie Photos

Jul 18, 2009Fashion

The power of suggestion knows no bounds. Yesterday I put it out to the universe that I wanted y’all to send me images of random Manzies. Well, the Lord sure works in mysterious ways. ‘Cause not 24 hours later, these beauties arrived, thanks to Ramon. Will no doubt start a “Manzie Alert” on I Mean…What?!? soon enough.

As per Raomon: "Old Manzie on a train."

As per Ramon: "Old Manzie on a train."

More Ramon text: "Old MAnzie leaving the train...yikes."

More Ramon text: "Old Manzie leaving the train...yikes."

Talk about making my day. Dirty Harry wishes. So now I am addicted…send me more and more of Manzie sightings. We all need another Manzie fix.

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