Chanel Presents The Abominable Snow-Manzie

Each season, Karl Lagerfeld does an amazing collection for Chanel that editors wait for with baited breath as the grand finale of Paris Fashion Week. Once again, he delivered the goods and the spectacle. For the last few seasons, he’s been throwing some men’s looks into the show as eye candy. Speaking of eye candy, seems like Karl is obsessed with model, Baptiste Giabiconi. Yes, he is a tasty morsel of sugary goodness, but this Fall ’10 collection has him dressed in all sorts of furry nonsense, and I am not loving his tragically fashionista hairdo. I remember the Eskimo Collection that Isaac Mizrahi did that was filmed as part of the movie Unzipped. But this new Chanel show takes Eskimo to the nth power. Karl Lagerfeld‘s men make Eskimos look like Navi, those tall, blue, creatures in Avatar. I am surprised that Cathy Horyn didn’t report that Zoe Saldana was sitting front row. Anyhoo…I call the pieces he showed for men, Abominable Snow-Manzie. You tell me if I am on the money or not.

All these guys need is some big ass moosehead and they can be mascots at some college football game.

Baptiste is ready for the Iditarod Great Sled Race.

See what I mean about the Abominable Snowman reference?

Now do you see what I mean?

How about Bride of Abominable Snow-Manzie.

Would you believe Abominable Snow-Manzie's gay younger brother. A touch more tasteful look.

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  1. Tina (from Sydney) says:

    So funny. KL has such a great sense of humour. I think.

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