Haider Ackermann: A Manzie For All Seasons

Jun 17, 2010Fashion

Love this trench coat by Sarah Burton. As for the pantaloonies...well...nothing is perfect.

The Milan Men’s Shows are under way and we are off to a “two snaps up” start. The few looks by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen are very promising indeed. There is one trench coat (above) that is really great, but coupled with my father’s Long Johns, well, it’s her first outing so I will be kind. Today let’s just trash look at the new collection by Haider Ackermann, whose collection was inspired by the film Lost In Translation…only in that the models are lost in gobs of fabric. Lost being the operative word here.

The Charlie Chaplin inspired silhouette from Ms. Burton works for me-ish. It has been years since I was called The Tramp.

Now, onto Haider Ackermann. Hello...is someone in there? Just what we want to wear in Spring/Summer 2011, bolts of fabric...belted.

Exactly who is wearing this layer-fest out and about.

This is reminiscent of 80's Madonna.

See what I mean?

Lost in fabric for days.

Sure, I would wear this outfit...to my den. Or the Playboy Mansion.

This looks like the stuff from that store Julie's Artisan Gallery on Madison Avenue. You know, that crunchy hand-made stuff for ex-hippies.

And we’re off. Stay tuned for more Manzie Reports for Spring 2011.

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