The Manzie: She’s Baaaack…With A Vengeance

Jan 13, 2013Breaking Newzzz

Clearly this look suits Manzies AND Jennifer Aniston like nobody’s business. Or, shall I say that a Manzie and Jennifer Aniston have no business wearing this shit.

A couple of years ago, I created the Manzie Report covering the men’s fashion shows in London, Milan, Paris and New York. So many menswear collections featured looks that were so nelly that words could not describe just how nelly they were. Hence I established the term Manzie when referencing these uber- effeminate looks. (Follow I Mean What on Twitter.)

Q. What is a Manzie?

A. A Manzie is part man, part Pansy and part Dandy. A Manzie is a guy desperately trying to be “on trend”. He can be a straight man trying too hard to be stylish or a straight-acting-gay man who acts extra butch to compensate for his quirky fashion choices. Bottom line: A Manzie will wear any of the outfits featured on I Mean…What?!? For the history of Manzie Style click here.

Once the Manzie Report became the talk of the town, Sportswear International bestowed me with the title “Truth Sayer”. Shortly thereafter the Manzie Look went out of style only to be replaced with tragically butch fashion looks like plaid shirts, traditional Yuppie suiting and endless boring choices. But like all trends, they come and go and no one is happier than me to report that the Fall ’13 season is agog with Manzie Looks up and down the runways. Looks that are so horeene, that the models were snapping their fingers at themselves while sashaying down the catwalks. So without any further ado, I present:


Shaun Sampson kicks off the Return of the Manzie with this bell sleeve nonsense coupled with ill-fitting culottes.

Meadham Kirchhoff shows us that Manzie’s can have a bad hair day too. And they can use a little make-up especially when sporting a laser-cut nightie.

This look featured in the MAN collection shows us that Santa Claus, when he is not riding his sleigh, is a Manzie deep down making Mrs. Claus a veritable fag hag.

Kenzo has a trench coat that only a Manzie would wear coupled with Twiggy’s Go-Go Boots from the 1960’s.

In short, James Long designs for Manzies.

Hardy Aimes is a fairly butch, traditional menswear collection but their Creative Director, Claire Malcolm (shown here) is a closet Manzie herself.

Nothing screams Manzie more that this E. Tautz layering fest featured on this ambiguous model.

Christopher Kane may have been inspired by the Kardashian Kollection @ Sears with this homage to animal prints.

Andrea Pompilio got the memo about prints, albeit a season too late. If this look retails out, I will eat my Quirky Man Hat.

Here is a Quirky Man Hat, featured a few seasons ago at Thom Browne’s runway show. FYI-Thom Browne is the King of the Manzies. (Click here for a T.B. overview.)

Alexander McQueen would be proud of this Manzie ensemble. That or he is turning in his grave. You decide.

Richard Nicoll has brought back a look that a few years ago was a major trend in menswear that I called “Gina Lollobrigida Orange”. (Click image for reference.)

As featured in Women’s Wear Daily, Gina Lollobrigida Orange was the rage. Just so you know, Gina Lollobrigida used to wear shocking orange lipstick in the 60’s, hence, the reference.

Even Topman is paying homage to Gina Lollobrigida Orange this season. So, is it Topman or TopManzie? You decide.

There are two collections this season in London that outdid themselves in the Manzie department. My personal favorite is JW Anderson. Here we have a black leather mini dress coupled with ruffled high-top Go-Go Boots that the Manzie of the Year will wear to this year’s Manzie of the Year Award Gala.

Jennifer Aniston wore this JW Anderson knock off to the People’s Choice Awards this year.

Sibling presented so many looks that Manzies would kill for, that I needed to share some with you. Sibling tapped into so many Manzie Trends such as the fur skort, Gina Lollobrigida Orange, the Quirky Man Hat, and everything that speaks to Manzies everywhere.

Of course the fur skort needs to be in pink. Duh.

Sibling also knocked off the Kardashian Kollection animal print story as well.

Is Sibling be the collection that Homeboy Manzies will wear next fall?

Perhaps Sibling designers Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery said it best as shown here on this sweatshirt. Please Kill Me.


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  1. Douglas says:

    These so called "styles" are hideous. It's amazing anyone gets paid to design this stuff or pays to view it.

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  3. more here says:

    Really nice to see all those fashion costumes. No wonder when the magazine became famous it was called the truth Sayer as it conveyed only the true things to the audience and I am really happy to see all those new and trendy outfits of the fashion.

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