I Love Paris…The Manzie Report Continues

Before I start on Paris, I was not letting this Adam Lambert tragedy go by unnoticed from D Squared. Now that Dan and Dean have been camped out in Bravo TV Reality World, they have lost touch with reality. Yowza McGee.

Yes, there is a definite shift in the air since Spring, when nelly, prissy, fembots ruled the men’s runways. There is a butcher tone overall, but Lord knows not exclusively, as that would render me out of business. Surprisingly, Junya Wantanabe, Viktor and Rolf, and even Gaspard Yurkievich all had smart showings. It’s not like I am disappointed that I can’t find what to poke fun at, I would frankly rather not have ever started this Manzie business. I am a bit Pollyanna in that I want every designer to do well. Rather than leave a hole for yet another celebrity to come swooping in with their prefab nonsense. I do, however want to make a prediction….and people…this is plenty scary. We have not yet seen the plethora of male celebrities dragging their sorry asses into the fashion business. Yes, we have had little snippets like Pete Wentz, Sean P. Diddy Combs and Donald Trump…yikes. But I am talking about a barrage, similar to that of the list of endless Last Five Minutes of Fame actresses who have stormed the runways and literally scared the bejesus out of me with their unending “talent” for saying, “Oh, that’s pretty”. Anyway…I had to throw that in there because what is good for the goose (actress/singer) is good for the gander (actor/singer). Let it be noted that on Friday, January 22, I made this statement. Hopefully I am all sorts of wrong.

Now, onto the topic at hand…Parisian Men’s Silliness. And there was surely some to be found in Paris.

You gotta give Rick Owens credit for trying to pull off a Michelle Obama look.

Really? Who's gonna wear this, and to where?

The grabbed the bed-sheet look was sooo a few seasons ago from Viktor and Rolf, for women, and that was fotz, too.

And what's with making your models look like they are Lesbian Hobbits from Middle Earth. Yikes.

I know, Adam Kimmel is the darling of Colette. His Marlboro Man knock off from Spring was all the rage. Yawn. But, this Halloween costumer is so pretentious that who can be bothered with someone so hell bent on 'catch me, catch me' in their presentation. Fotz.

Honey, this barely worked in the 70's, unless of course you lived in Upper Suburbia, and when we look back at old photos of our parents, it is with shock, not, "Wow, dad, you were so cool".

Like we needed Adam Kimmel to come out with a must-have Mom Jean? The darling of Collete? I mean...what?!?

What is that, the cape to wear to the opera or to cover the Crap Table. It's crap alright.

Alexis Mabille really knows his Little Lord Fauntleroy when he sees him. And (B) no one is going to layer the shorts on top of the leggings. Not even women, really.

If were that model, I would be annoyed. Granted the Mabille palette was great...but...

It's nice to see that the Upper East Side Decorator (dreck-orator as my mother used to say) is being considered this season. Balloons.

Here's a tasteful little number that you can wear when you out on that date with Big Bird.

Like the world was waiting for Alexis Mabille underwear? I give up. He's another one of these darlings.

OK...I'll wear that.

Overall another good collection...but hey...what's fashion week with out a little fembot meets quirky mat hat.

Even the model looks sad that he had to wear this.

This outfit is wrong for several reasons, most of them obvious.

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  1. ericka says:

    i want to know what these models are thinking while being subjected to this humiliation. i'm not even sure the pay would comfort me. give me one of those masks, plz.

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