Grey Skies Are Gonna Cheer Up…

Jan 24, 2010Fashion

The biggest news after looking at the Fall ’10 Men’s Shows is Grey is the New Black. Period. Sure, black was all over the runway, too, and should always be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. I don’t care (and nor should anyone) when the editors scream for “Color, Color, Color” like they did last season. Let all those editors walk around in horrendous shades of blue and orange (Gina Lollobrigida orange, to be exact) and leave the humans to wear what makes them look good, namely, black and/or grey. Now we have a whole new meaning to grey. Your job is to to look through your wardrobe, edit out anything that is not black and fill in with key pieces that are grey; be it a trench, suit, sweaters, shirts, ties, socks, scarves umbrella, shoes, hats, have I left any category out? Oh yeah, and if you can find heather grey underwear, knock yourself out. Blue is sooo last season and the sherbet colors that you ran to buy “just to spice things up”, are dead in the water. This could be a great season for retail frankly, if everyone does what I just said and runs out to buy several new pieces for their wardrobe. I have been saying for days that it was as though my last season’s Manzie Reports really hit home to many designers and there were beautiful collections a plenty. The ones that I trashed last season (and for good reason) put out staid, sexy collections (yes, with lots of grey) and I couldn’t even find one Manzie outfit is some of them. So, I am happy to say that 2010 is looking bright, thanks to all the grey flying about. Anyhoo…here to round out the Paris shows are the few doozies of note.

Ann Demeulemeester was struck by the D Squared-Adam Lambert bug. It started slow...shown here, with just a hint of Macaw.

Then, like the movie, Hitchcock's The Birds, they began to cluster, more and more. Scary.

And besides the birds, there was a sort of pirate thing going on...which would make sense with the birds thing.

But, then again, there were these "damn, filthy, stinkin', rotten boiyds". (Quote from The Producers.)

All that was missing was Tippi Hedren in the front row.

Raf Simons got the grey memo, only as wardrobe items go, do not add this to your list. Anyway, I prefer the Galliano man girdle.

Burgundy is a tough color and never retails out, but this outfit might even look good in all black...or dark grey.

And this striped skirt almost works too.

Boris Bidjan Saveri is "becoming a household name" according to WWD. In who's house...Count Chocula?

Not sure that making your models look lesbian chic is the ticket for menswear.

Rick Owens might be the home of which WWD speaks. This updated men's burka is right up Owens' alley.

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