Peta Wilson Is Wylie Wilson

Oct 18, 2013Fashion

Peta Wilson is Wylie Wilson and says, “We are all a bit Wylie”.

Peta Wilson, the beautiful blond from La Femme Nikita has a new project that is totally unexpected and fun. Ladies and ladies, introducing, “Wylie Wilson, a collection of knickers that are cool, sexy, and irreverent. From bedroom to boardroom, bistro to beach-bar, express your personality with my kaleidoscopic collection of knickers.” (I’m guessing gentlemen will be interested as well.)

The look of the one-of-a-kind undergarments coupled with the way Peta is marketing Wylie Wilson is so hot. Peta launched the collection with a pop-up store on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California. The e-Commerce website is up and there are plans for people to host Wylie Wilson home parties. After being accosted by Victoria’s Secret extensive marketing efforts, this indie version of underthings is really refreshing. Watch this short video.
ABE GURKO: Who is Wylie Wilson?
PETA WILSON: I am and so are you! Just put WYLIE with your name and you’re that girl, too.
ABE: I would like nothing more, they are adorable. Why Wylie?
PETA: Wylie is from the word “wiles” an old french word that essentially means smart cunning, sly…a bit mystical, magical…something I think we all need to be at times. Especially when trying to do something new that has been done a million times before.
ABE: One of a kind knickers are surely something new. Who was your inspiration?
PETA: My grandmother before she went to the other side she said, “Darling, don’t try and walk to the beat of some else’s drum… that’s just not your rhythm.”
ABE: Do you have plans to expand beyond knickers?
PETA: I have some great other Wylie ideas to share with all…
ABE: Any other influences?
PETA: For everything including this brand, my inspiration is the one and only Dr. Seuss. “Oh, the places you’ll go!”
ABE: I love the quote on your homepage of your eCommerce website.
PETA: Sometimes the knowing is all a girl really needs.

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Peta Wilson has always had a penchant for sexy lingerie.

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