Joe Manganiello: Goo Goo & Over GaGa

Gaga of Joe.

Gaga of Joe.

Joe Manganiello is featured in Elle magazine, the issue with Lady Gaga on the cover. But if we are going to be gaga over anything, it would not be for the Lady, rather for Joe Manganiello. His deliciousness knows no bounds. From his humble beginnings playing Alcide Herveaux, the scrumptious werewolf in True Blood to his delectable turn as Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike, Joe has captured the hearts and minds of men, women, children, dogs…well just about any living organism. Damn, he even gets dead people to desire his gentle giant touch.

Anyhoo, read the interview with Joe in Elle magazine. What makes me love him even more is that he is obsessed with Carrie Fisher or Princess Leia anyway. That tidbit is one more thing that Joe and I have in common. That and…OK, let’s not get technical here.

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