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Dec 13, 2011Fashion

Rent Boys... move over.

As our society evolves into a pack of wanna-bees, more and more websites are offering garment rentals that help you “feel like one of them”. “Them” as in people with money, “You” as in having limited means. “Them” as in people with unending wardrobes who buy retail and shop on Net-a-Porter or Moda Operandi, “You” wanting to dress in a new frock for every event or grocery store outing but are relegated to Rent The Runway, L’Armoire Du Styliste, Wear Today Gone Tomorrow, The Frock Shop, the list goes on. No longer is vintage shopping coupled with a visit to the tailor “the thing to do”. Now you just Fresh Direct your ass from styles that have graced the runways, other people’s closets, anything but what you own. Since we live in a disposable, downloadable culture, personal style is no longer personal; style has become somewhat Net Flix-y. I got an email today about renting a Balenciaga shoe. Like I might want to slip into a shoe where several sweaty anorexic model’s paws have been? Never one to wear used shoes anyway, let alone rent, the thought was unappealing. Talk about Rent-a-Wreck.

What I think is hilarious about this rent-a-dress phenomenon is that they are nothing but over-glorified tuxedo rental places. A little secret: renting a tuxedo is one of the most iconic, sad moments in a man’s life. One thing is to be The Traveling Pants of the Sisterhood, the other is to experience the shame of knowing that you really can not afford to wear what you are renting. Or worse, what did that person before you do the night they rented that outfit? Vomit all over themselves? Doody in their pants? It’s just gross. Dry clean, schmy clean. I only trust my dry cleaner. What do their people do… blast some steam and return it to you in Saran Wrap? Gross. You can give me three thousand reasons why renting-a-dress that’s been gently worn is an amazing business model and why it is so great to wear something once and return it. My mother used to do that from Bloomingdales incessantly. Give me a person who owns their look outright any day of the week.


2 Responses to “Style For Rent”

  1. Stylist says:

    L'Armoire Du Styliste is a rental showroom for stylists to rent for photo shoots and celeb appearances, not open to the public actually…

  2. Anonymous says:

    that's another discussion, where "celebrities" and I use the term loosely, as I am sure do you, don't even buy clothes anymore. they don't have to? they, or their stylists can rent.

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